Monday, 27 February 2012

adding stitches

When you knit an animal lengthways there are a lot of added stitches. the paterns usually call for a small cast on and many subsequent cast on. there are a number of ways to do this If use use the long tail cast on as I do when you get to the add on stitches how do you do it you could use a revese cast on or a two needle cast on but you cannot continue to use the long tail method.
Here is how i solved this problem thre pattern calls for two 2.75 ordinary needles switch to double pins and when it comes time for nthe cast on stitches simply create them on the spare needle, slide them backwards ( so the thread is still at the front of the needle) and carry on
I know I can hear you say what am I going to do with all the thread ends well I will tell you how to solve this problem next time

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